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Stratecast’s Top 10 to watch in 2018

The 10 companies that Stratecast has chosen as its 10 to Watch in 2018 are focused on meeting critical business challenges and improving technology enablement functions. These companies are included in their list because they deliver innovative solutions that help CSPs transform operations, address new business needs, and help to improve the customer experience. 

WeDo Technologies is a company Stratecast has known for a long while and covered regularly. WeDo’s solutions are based on its RAID Risk Management platform,  available as an on-premises solution and as a cloud solution. WeDo has spent the last few years reengineering its already successful solutions for the cloud, increasing its potential addressable market.

Download this report today and learn more about the reasons Stratecast believes that WeDo Technologies is a company to watch in 2018.

What Makes a Stratecast 10 to Watch Company 

All 10 to Watch companies are organizations with proven solutions through revenue bearing customer installations. Additional characteristics of a Stratecast 10 to Watch company are:

  • Market focused and aware of what is beyond the horizon
  • A culture of innovation
  • Support rapid change in business climate or technology
  • Business savvy
  • Market savvy
  • Well-defined, clearly differentiated product offering