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With the end of another successful Mobile World Congress, the world of telecom goes back home with another wave of inspiring promise. As technology evolves in providing us with an easier, faster way of doing things, so do the risks and collateral effects. As a global company, it is part of who we are to, not only provide solutions to issues affecting the communication and information technology industries, but also work on preventive solutions that will support businesses in carrying forward some of the latest consumer trends.

Rui Paiva, CEO
What's New?
Drive long-term customer value with this Customer Intelligence Platform

  • Know your subscribers from every angle
  • Maximize profits by bringing 360º subscriber data and powerful analytic models together 
RAID Optimize
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What's Up in the Cloud?
Have you been targeted and hit by Bypass Fraud?
  • Test our Bypass Cloud  App and do a 60 day free trial to see how you can stand out when it comes to bypass fraud attacks
  • Simbox fraud is among the top 5 emerging threats to Operators and MVNOs worldwide and costs the industry over USD 3 billion every year.

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Data Privacy - preparing for Europe's General Data Protection Regulation #GDPR

5 Challenges of Debt Collection
in the Telecom Industry

  Why should you read this whitepaper:
  • Revenue loss due to subscriber bad debt can be as high as 2% of total revenue
  • Learn to look at collections operations from a strategic perspective
  • Tips on how to align collections with the achievement of the operator’s overall business goals including increased profitability, improved customer experience and regulatory compliance.
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You can create meaningful segments and deliver highly targeted offers?
AI: the time is now.
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WeDo's Open Innovation:
Great minds. New ideias. Better business.

WeDo dares original thinkers to discover the next big thing in telecoms. Apply to our contest until April 2nd and you may be the one taking the Prize Money home. We are looking for cutting-edge ideas, which can turn into profitable business opportunities. 
Have you got it in you?

Create. Pitch. Win.

Apply until April 2nd
Apply until April 2nd
Mobile World Congress
This year’s Mobile World Congress in was a running success! 
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