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TMForum Report "AI: The time is now"

The telecommunications industry is in very early days of exploring how to leverage artificial intelligent (AI) and machine learning. While there are many more questions than answers about how best to use the technology, one thing is clear: Communications service providers (CSPs) need to move quickly to embrace it so that they can support the burgeoning internet of things (ioT) and deliver the kinds of services are demanding. 

Who did TMForum surveyed?

For this Trend Analysis Report, TMForun's first on AI, they surveyed 187 executives from 76 communications service providers (CSPs) operating in 51 countries, and 151 executives from supplier companies. They also conducted dozens of interviews with respondents.


Many of the interviewed CSPs said they want to develop a strategy that involves joining the dots and potentially building central capabilities to accelerate the adoption of AI, but there is no consensus about the best way to do this. Indeed, many AI systems likely will be implemented independently and will span more than one domain, which will make integration difficult

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